Linkable Assets: What are they? Why do we Need Them?

If you’ve hired an SEO company to do link building for your business before then you might have heard the term “linkable asset” thrown around. That doesn’t really mean much to the average person. My website needs links, the SEO guy is supposed to make links to it, so it’s the linkable asset, right?

Not really.

A linkable asset is anything on your website that’s really worth linking to. More specifically, it’s something on your site that someone was hoping to find when they clicked on that link. David Farkas from TheUpperRanks wrote a great blog post about how essential these assets are, and encourages businesses to find a way to provide ‘free’ value to website visitors with this type of asset.

This way, you’re essentially trading the value of the page for the value of the link that you’re getting. The less valuable the page is, the less likely it is to get links.

It’s often hard to get over the urge to drive traffic directly to product pages, and it’s not necessarily impossible to use a product page as a linkable asset, if it’s done carefully.  Usually, however, a great asset is more related to your field than you product. It’s not about driving direct sales, so much as providing something singularly interesting or useful that’s shareable and makes people want to link to it without feeling like they’re doing you a favor.

Marcin Ladowski

Marcin Ladowski is an entrepreneur, a creative thinker and a serial technologist. He is the President and CEO of NetroStar, a global digital agency he founded in Miami. Through NetroStar he helps businesses around the world grow their brands and prosper on the Internet. His expertise includes website design, custom application development, system architecture design, e-commerce, online marketing and social media.

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About Marcin


Marcin Ladowski is President and CEO of NetroStar, a global web design company operating out of Miami. He has years of hands-on experience helping businesses around the world grow and prosper on the Internet. His expertise includes website design, IT solutions, e-commerce, online marketing and social media.

Marcin has been involved in the creation of multiple successful startups, including Webponder, a community of experts available for online consultation.

Marcin Ladowski's primary business venture - NetroStar - started as a local web design agency in Miami but quickly grew into the national and international markets as well as into related services. It currently provides comprehensive web development and online marketing services that are renowned for high standards of execution and customer service.

Marcin Ladowski holds Bachelors Degree and Masters Degree in Management Information Systems from Florida International University. He speaks English, Spanish and Polish.

He is passionate about martial arts and long distance running.